About The Event

What is it?

This is a unique, dedicated Industry 4.0 Summit event with compelling subject matter from top Practitioners. It is the only exclusive National Industry 4.0 Expo on the annual events calendar.

Enjoy networking in a friendly atmosphere amongst manufacturing specialists considering implementing technology advancements in line with the Industry 4.0 concept.

The National Industry 4.0 Summit will be held in a convenient state of the art conference centre located in the heart of the country just 1 hour from Dublin.

Who should attend?

Ireland’s CEOs, CTOs and Senior Management from the Manufacturing and Services sectors.

Why attend?

To ensure your business is at the leading edge of Competitiveness and to explore developments in Industry 4.0 in collaboration with Global Industry Leaders and experts.

Industry 4.0 Explained

Smart Factory Infographic small

The Smart Factory

We are all adapted to the language of the mobile phone revolution with our smart phones, smart TVs, smart watches and even now smart heating systems becoming commonplace. Futurists are telling us how we will be living in smart homes and smart buildings located in smart cities. This revolution of technology and communications is also forging ahead in the manufacturing context with the advent of the Smart Factory.  Industrialists have been to the forefront of embracing all of what developments in technology can offer in terms of production speed, efficiency, safety, sustainability and of course competitiveness and profitability.

At European level, manufacturing leaders have grouped under one broad heading the most significant developments in IT and communications technology which hold clear benefits for production – that heading has come to be known as Industry 4.0. Put simply, this concept refers to the fact that developments have been so world-changing from a manufacturing perspective that it amounts to a whole revolution in manufacturing techniques; effectively the 4th recognisable Industrial Revolution. Developments in technologies such as Additive manufacturing (3D printing), augmented reality, automated data systems, virtual reality, cobotics, big data analytics and so on.

The National Industry 4.0 Summit

The relative affordability of components such as sensors and microchips is transforming the way manufacturing business is being conducted. The National Industry 4.0 Summit will bring together the key players from an Irish perspective to one key event. Delegates will learn how this new phenomenon of information technology in manufacturing can increase their competitiveness and open their operations up to a whole world of business opportunities.

Four historical Industrial Revolutions – At A Glance

Today: 4th Industrial Revolution – Nanotechnology, Big Data, the Industrial Internet of Things (IOT), Brain Research, 3D Printing, Mobile computing, The Connected Enterprise.
1950: 3rd Industrial Revolution –Electronic, Mechanical, Digital technology, Mainframe computers, Telecommunications, Personal computing and eventually the Internet.
1870: 2nd Industrial Revolution – Electrification, Telegraph, Rail networks, gas and water supply, mass production and assembly lines.
1780: 1st Industrial Revolution – Mechanical; Steam engines, cotton spinning, railways.

There are many definitions available online as to what Industry 4.0 comprises; below are the main links and sources of information which we have identified as key to it’s explanation:

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